Roku for Warner Media charge

What is the Roku for Warner Media Charge

Are you worried about Roku For Warner Media Charge? Do you want to know why these types of charges are being deducted from you? If you are looking for the answer to this query then here you will get a detailed guide about Warner media charges.

Some streaming channel services require a kind of monthly or yearly subscription plan. The cost and charges vary from channel to channel. If you have a monthly or yearly subscription from HBO Max which is owned by Warner Bros. Due to such a subscription yearly or monthly auto renewal amount is taken from your Roku account.

If you want to know details about subscription plans then you can sign in to your account and check out all the details. You can manage subscriptions and see the channel details where you can turn off auto-renewal plans.

What is the Roku for Warner Media charge?

HBO Max is one of the top best streaming channel services which is owned by Warner Bros. When you sign up as a Ruko account all the transactions like Ruko Channel, and HBO Max show up as “Roku” for Warner Media. 

In the Roku account, you can see the subscriptions for streaming channels and active subscriptions. If you see a subscription that you have not subscribed then you can turn it off. 

In HBO Max there are a lot of channels, movies, and TV shows that you can get through an active subscription. Two types of plans you will get through it. One is ads and the other one is along with ads. Ads-free plans are $14.99 per month and $149.99 per year. However, the ads plan costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per month. 

About HBO Max

HBO Max which is a part of WarnerMedia allows Ruko users to download HBO Max on their Ruko devices when they have direct Roku subscriptions.

Yes, for the users who want to make their lives more entertained in their living room. Then HBO Max provides you with incredible content and entertainment brands and “we’re thrilled that Roku users will be able to experience all the great stories HBO Max has to offer”. 

From December 17, Ruko users have access to all amazing HBO real stories like The Thrones, The Sopranos, The Undoing, and many other special documentaries. Users can watch seasons and dive into a full slate. 

About Warner Media

Some users who just want to use Warner Media first want to know what is Warner Media. Basically, Warner Media is top leading entertainment platform that is created on the base to provide popular content of active and talented storytellers and journalists to its audience around the world. 

In Warner Media, you will see a list of channels, like HBO Max, TNT, DC Entertainment, Cartoon Network, TBS, Warner Bros, and many others. Along with all this entertainment the platform is designed for the advertisers of top brands to advertise their brands through the use of this platform.

Roku for Warner Media charge 9.99 

Most of the users claim that they did not even subscribe to the Roku media channel but still they are being charged. If you want to know why Warner media charges were taken from you and how to stop it. Then we will guide you about it.

For the purpose you want to stop current subscriptions then just sign up to the account where you will see the plans and active subscription. Now, stop auto-renewal. If you or someone else subscribed channels from your account then all the activity will be stopped from your account.

Roku for Warner Media charges 9.99 is a monthly plan for HBO Max. For entertainment and to enjoy the incredible content, original stories, and season you can choose a monthly plan with $9.99 along with ads. But for ads free monthly plan users need to pay $14.99 per month.

Reasons Behind The Roku Charges!

Users always want to know the reasons behind the charges taken from their Roku account without their knowledge. Then we are going to provide a few reasons due to such reasons charges are taken from you.

  • Someone else might subscribed to any channel from your Roku Warner Media account.
  • You have subscribed for HBO max monthly or yearly auto-renewal subscription plans.

Their reason might cause a deduction from the user’s account. However, you can control it and stop it using your account sign-in.

Ways To Stop Unknown Subscriptions

If someone else has been subscribed for any channel of HBO max paid subscription from your account. Then you can use the following methods to stop it!

  1. Login More Account

If you are using the same Roku account on more than one Roku device then this is the big reason behind charges. First, top it using on more than one device then use a separate account for it or find Roku IP address.

  1. Hidden Pin For Account

Yes, you can use the secret pin method through no one can enter any new subscription on your Roku device. You can easily apply for a PIN from your account.

Before a new subscription, the account will inform you of the time period of 30 days. If you do not cancel the plan then it will auto-renew for next month and be charged from your Roku account.

Steps To Apply For PIN

  1. First login to your Roku account by visiting the official website.
  2. Then click on the “Update” option below the PIN reference.
  3. Now, enter a 4-digit PIN that must be strong. If you have already created a PIN then verify it.
  4. Accepting terms and condition save changes.

Roku for Warner Media Charge HBO max

Roku account gives access to HBO Max streaming for their amazing entertainment content on 17 December. Users can use HBO Max on their Roku devices along with ads or ads-free subscription plans. You can make your life amazing even in your bedroom.

HBO Max offers unparalleled content to its consumer that provide a great experience to its users. For incredible success, this media offers best-class quality content to its large engaging audience.

Benefits Of Using HBO Max Using Roku Account

Through the use of the Roku account everyone either paid or free HBO streaming users are streamed by a single platform. Everyone uses the same platform. Roku account is an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform. You can easily access the OTT streaming services through Roku stores. 

From your account, you can see the payment methods. If you want to subscribe to different medial channels then for all those you can use the same payment methods. This is very easy for the users of OTT streaming and everyone can use it without facing any hassle.

Why did I get charged for Roku?

When you have any active subscription from a Roku account for any streaming channel then you are being charged for Roku.

How to cancel Roku for Warner Media

First, you need to log in to your Roku account and then go to the option manage subscription. Now open the active subscription plan page. From this page, you can cancel active subscriptions.

How do I check my Roku subscriptions?

By logging in to your Roku account, you can check out the active plan, the plan’s end date, the billing date, and update payment methods. Go to the manage subscription page then go to active subscriptions. 

Does Roku have a monthly fee?

There is not any kind of monthly fee to watch media channels using Roku. However, you need to pay the amount for subscription plans like Netflix, Sling TV, Apple TV, and more like this. Such channels have plans monthly and yearly.


This article is all about Roku For Warner Media Charge. Here you will get the details about what is warner media, why you are being charged, and what is HBO Max. You also know how to stop active subscriptions from your Roku account.

From the above guide, users also learn about the way to verify their secret PIN. So that without your knowledge no one will apply for paid plans from your account.

If you have still any queries or questions about Roku for Warner media HBO Max Charges then you can also get help from Roku account support.

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