how to watch metv on roku

How to Watch MeTV on Roku

In this blog post, we will guide you on How to watch MeTV on Roku. MeTV is a popular entertainment cable TV channel that streams classic TV programs. MeTV is owned by Weigel Broadcasting.

MeTV was famous for its classic TV shows from the 1930s to 1990s. There was a large audience of classic TV shows which was streamed by MeTV. Even in the current era lots of people like MeTV classic shows. For those people, MeTV is a source of entertainment to watch those classic shows again.

Roku for Warner Media Charge

MeTV official app isn’t hosted by the Roku channel store, Roku users still watch MeTV classic shows on their Roku devices. If you are looking for an answer to MeTV on Roku then you are in the right place, In this article, we will answer in detail about how to watch MeTV on Roku.

How to get MeTV on Roku

Currently, there’s no official MeTV app hosted on the Roku channel store. But you can still watch MeTV classic shows and programs with the help of Frndly TV. You can install the Frndly TV app from the Roku Channel store and enjoy all MeTV shows on your Roku device.

To watch MeTV on Roku you need to buy a Frndly TV subscription, If you don’t have a Frndly TV subscription buy a Frndly TV subscription which is available only for $6.99 per month. You can enjoy MeTV on your personal computer or smartphone by subscribing to Frndly TV.

Add Frndly TV Channel to Roku Device to Watch MeTV:-

  • Navigate to the Roku TV Screen Home Page
  • Now on the Home Page go to the menu and select the Streaming channel option.
  • Click on the search option write Frndly TV and press Enter.
  • Click on the Add Channel option from the channel list.
  • Download and install Frndly TV, When the installation process is completed launch Frndly TV and follow the instructions which will appear after the installation.
  • Now you can watch MeTV on Frndly TV.

MeTV Shows on Paid Streaming Channels:

There are two paid streaming channels that stream MeTV shows.

  • Frndly TV
  • Philo TV

How can I stream MeTV for free on Roku?

yes, you can watch MeTV for free on Roku. Follow these instructions on your Android phone to stream MeTV. On your Roku >“Settings” > “System” > “Screen mirroring” > “Enable screen mirroring“>choosePrompt” or “Always allow“> Install MeTV app >“Cast“>“Screen Mirroring”>”Menu”>”Watch

How to Stream MeTV on Roku

You can’t stream directly MeTV on your Roku device. To stream MeTV on Roku you need to pay a subscription to either Frndly TV or Pilo TV.

Frndly TV: MeTV is often included in the channel lineup of Frndly TV, a family-friendly streaming service that specializes in classic TV content. If you have a Frndly TV subscription, you should be able to access MeTV through their app on Roku.

Philo: Similar to Frndly TV, MeTV can also be accessed through Philo, another streaming service that offers a wide range of channels, including MeTV. If you subscribe to Philo, you can find and watch MeTV content via the Philo Roku app.

Does MeTV have an app on Roku?

Currently, the MeTV app is not available on the Roku channel store.

what channel is MeTV on Roku?

The availability of MeTV on Roku may vary depending on your location and your specific Roku device. However, generally speaking, MeTV is available on Roku through Frndly TV and Philo.

Where can I watch MeTV Plus?

MeTV is available on the streaming service Frndly TV. MeTV is also available on another streaming service Philo. You can Watch MeTV Plus on these two streaming networks.


In this blog, we’ve provided guidance on how to watch MeTV on Roku. We hope that you’ve successfully added the MeTV channel to your Roku device.

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