How to turn down brightness on Roku TV

How to Turn Down Brightness on Roku TV

If you have a Roku TV or thinking of buying one then the first thing that you find is that the picture on the TV does not look as good as it could. For this purpose, you need to dive into the setting option and change the brightness level. If you are looking for the answer to How To Turn Down Brightness On Roku TV then you will get a step-by-step detailed answer here. 

To improve the content level that appears on your screen you need to adjust some settings. If you need a dimmer or brighter level then our guide will show you how you can adjust it. 

Along with this guide, we will additionally provide some tips that you can optimize and get a better viewing experience. You will also get frequently asked questions for better results.

How to Turn Down Brightness on Roku TV [Step by Step]

Everyone with different TV brands gets the Roku software with it. By default setting of brightness level might be too bright or too dim. From the setting, you can adjust it as you prefer. 

Here we will show you how you can turn down brightness while using Roku TV. Let’s have a look at it!

  • First, open the home screen of your Roku TV.
  • Now, select the “Setting” option from the home screen.
  • Then go with the “TV Picture setting”.
  • From the pop-up menu select the “TV Brightness” option.
  • Now from the setting of TV Brightness, you can choose the option of Normal or Dark for down brightness. Or you can make changes according to your own preference and good picture quality that shows on screen.

The above-mentioned is a complete process through which you can down or dark the brightness level of your screen. Once you adjust it then you don’t have a need to do it again and again.

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How to turn down brightness on Roku TV without Remote

Regardless of any cause high brightness is too harsh and cause headache. When the brightness level is normal users have an amazing viewing experience. If you want to watch movies or drama then you should first adjust the brightness level of your device. 

Sometimes users looking for a guide on how to turn down brightness on Roku TV without a remote. There are several methods through which you can adjust brightness without the use of a remote. Here we are going to show you two methods.

The first and easiest method is to use the button that is on the side of your penal. This button is not only used to adjust the bright turn up and down but you can also use this button to turn the TV on and off. On your Roku stitch, you can adjust the auto brightness level as per your own preference.

If you didn’t find any button then you can adjust brightness on your TV using the picture mode. Yes, switch the HDR mode or dimming mode. This will improve the brightness level and improve viewing effects. Make sure you understand the consequences of changing settings.

You can follow the steps like first turn on the Roku TV and then go to the settings Roku TV:- Home > Settings > TV Picture Settings > Choose TV Brightness option.

How to adjust brightness on TCL Roku TV

Have you seen your TCL Roku TV screen is dark? If you want to adjust it then follow our guidelines. You can easily adjust it by pressing the remote control button and pressing it for 30 seconds. 

But if you want to adjust brightness on TCL Roku TV then go to the settings and select the picture settings from the menu. After that adjust the brightness level by the slider. Through the slider, you can reduce the brightness of your TCL Roku TV and make it more comfortable for viewing pictures. 

How to adjust brightness on Roku Express

If you want to adjust the brightness on Roku Express then you can easily do it by turning on the Roku device opening the channels app > press the astrack button on your remote (*) > go to the find-tune option > and changing the brightness level as you want.

The above process is so simple and easy that everyone using Roku Express can adjust the brightness level. So, keep connected here to get the information you want.  

Can you adjust the brightness on Roku TV?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness on Roku TV as per your own preference. You can also adjust it by specific channel app. In your Roku device for brightness level, you can follow the below steps.

  • On your Roku TV open the channel app.
  • Press the astrack button (*) from your Roku remote then the sub-menu will open on your Roku TV screen.
  • Now select the Picture setting menu option.
  • TV Brightness option will be open, here you will get the fine-tune option. Here you will adjust the brightness level.
  • After that close all the options from the arrow back.

Why is Roku TV Screen Dark?

If your Roku TV screen is showing fark and flickering then you need to reboot your device. You can adjust it by pressing two keys one Home and the second one is the Fast-forward button. After that turn on the power button to make sure it is done.


In this article, we show you how to turn down brightness On Roku TV. There are a lot of different ways through which you can easily adjust the brightness on Roku TV and turn it according to your own preference. You can follow any method that might be easier for you to adjust the brightness of your device. You can do it without using a remote.

So, stay tuned and get everything you need to know about the adjustment of Roku TV brightness with remote or without the remote!!

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